The factory of houses "PREFADOM" Ltd also deals with the production of cobblestones, openwork MEBA and JUMBO, curbs and rims designed for finishing car parks, home driveways, pedestrian walkways and public spaces. Their common feature is high functionality and adaptation to non-standard operating conditions. Additionally, thanks to the use of the highest quality of foreign chemicals, our products stand out in terms of durability and weather resistance. The factory of houses "PREFADOM" Ltd in addition to its own production of road components, also has qualified workers and specialized equipment for performing road works, which ensures efficient execution and guarantees high quality of services.

We offer:
• Wholesale and retail of paving, JUMBO and MEBA openings, edges and curbs - also in non-standard colors.
• Wholesale and retail sale of road boards.
• Construction and modernization of roads, streets, squares, car parks and pavements made of cobblestones, road boards and paving slabs.
• Earhwork.
• Construction of drainage and linear drainage systems.
• Hardware services.
• Project-costing services.
• Technical supervision.
• Applying chemical coatings that improve the durability and color of the paving.